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Take The Startup Path
Start Your Business In 30 Days
And Do it right the first time
From experts with over 50 years of combined small business startup experience, FirmTree's Startup Path is an industry-leading experience and a true benchmark in small business startups. Consider this your transformational opportunity to use a proven toolkit to start your business right. Slash the learning curve of starting your business. 
Limited Masterclass Slots Available
Unlock your new business potential with the 'Startup Path'
These are some of the things we hear our clients say:
If you're uncertain about...
  • How to start a business from scratch.
  • How to write a business plan. Do I really need one?
  • How much money I need to start?
  • What does a financial model look like? My bank is asking for one.
But you're sure that..
  • I want to pick the 'right' idea to hit my goals.
  • I do NOT want this to fail and I want to get it right the first time.
  • I want to avoid major disruption or delays when they could have been avoided.
  • If I'm going to invest I want a meaningful return.
Have you had the similar thoughts? 
The good news is that you have options...
1. You Could...Go It Alone
You could start your new business on your own. You could search the web to search for new business information and process; go to government websites to down load and follow their processes; or even talk to a friend to get help and advice. Though you may very well succeed in getting your new business going, it is likely that you’ll spend more time than you need, as compared to having all the new business information and processes from the beginning.

2. You Could...Use Various Online Services
Online new business services are available. You may find their pricing attractive, and you can get some tips and advice from their information. These services often provide frameworks for registration and legal help, but they may not provide you everything that you actually need for your specific business - only 1 piece. This leaves you looking to complete a business or financial plan for your loan or investment monies on your own, taking time and effort with mixed results.

3. You Could...Hire a Consulting Firm
Getting new business help and personal expertise is a great way to ensure that your business will be successful in most areas; from your business and financial plan, to establishing the optimum arrangements, location, setup, systems, and more. However, it comes with a premium price tag, and you may not want to spend such a huge amount this kind of custom new business help.

Or, You Could Take The FirmTree Startup Path
It's our proven startup toolkit that teaches and helps you build a plan to fast-track your new business onto a path of success. As a comprehensive toolkit we help to ensure that your new business has the people, systems, and facilities that you need, and within your budget. 

Unlike other new business services that just provide forms, legal services, or expensive consultants, the Startup Path is more than a do-it-yourself check-list; it offers a unique balance of knowledge learning with individual consultation, plus “how to” step-by-step new business plan and funding processes to help ensure that you have a smooth and affordable new business experience. 

We built this with one guiding principle in mind: To slash the learning curve to starting a business while equipping you to spend more time working on your business and not laboring in it.

We'll Help You:

> Lower startup risk with comprehensive guides and detailed development tools to help you improve your overall chance of business success. You'll have access to powerful financial planning tools, walk-through lessons, and we offer the ability to speak with one of our startup coaches to provide input through this foundational stage in the life of your new business.

> With easy and efficient to use guides, worksheets and desktop tools for any type of business in the US. You'll have access to the entire comprehensive toolkit all for a low one-time payment.

> Reduce new business workload and errors to streamline your new business processes and speedup your new business processes including help with legal and regulation requirements, live demonstrations, and more, in order to help stay compliant and to reduce initial costs.

So…now it's up to you. 

The choice is yours. 
Which way do you want to turn on your journey to being a business owner?
Self-Guided Package - $97
The Startup Path goes beyond just forms and step-by-step guides, by also helping you with creative ideas centered on business success fundamentals. The Startup Path toolkit is designed to get to the heart of what you really need with our seven keys to new business success. Start your business today so that you can do what you really love.
Masterclass Membership - $99/mo
Along with its rigorous hands-on toolkit, we offer 1-On-1 coaching sessions to shape your concept, your business plan, and your financial forecast. You also get access to the Throttle Community with weekly interactive growth sessions. This personalized experience helps new entrepreneurs accelerate to success faster than on your own.
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Everything That's Included:
  • ​7 Lessons - Over 115 pages with BONUS downloads like...
  • ​Business Plan Guide, Templates, and Samples (a $549 value)
  • ​3-Year Financial Plan Modeling Tool (a $749 value)
  • ​Launch "Project" Plan Tool (a $189 value)
  • ​Ideal Customer Profile Template (a $149 value)
  • ​And MORE
  • Over $1,600 Total Value - For Just $97!
  • Backed by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee
*Included with Masterclass Members Only
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